Our Story

How did you get started in soapmaking?

What started out as simple curiosity about handmade soap, quickly turned into a creative outlet of making beautiful bath products that help people forget about the stresses of their everyday life. Soapmaking is a continuous learning process and with that comes new inspiration, techniques and ideas.


Why did you decide to start a soapmaking business?

We’re a fun loving mother-and-daughter team that enjoy making people smile and what better way to do that then indulging in a guilty (but very much affordable) pleasure like artisan soap?  The scent of an ocean breeze, freshly baked apple pie or your favorite perfume can remind you of wonderful memories that help put a smile on your face or give you the extra boost you need to get through the day.


Are there any other benefits to using artisan soap?

Yes! Besides feeling good inside and out, there are also other benefits to using natural, artisan soap. Unlike the commercial products sold at your local grocery stores, our products are much gentler and nourishing on your skin. Best of all, our natural products are made up of everyday ingredients that most people are familiar with.


Are your products completely natural?

There are many definitions of “natural” out there. Our soaps are either 100% natural or "nearly natural" - meaning that other than a few ounces of synthetic fragrance oil, they consist of completely natural ingredients.


Where did the name “Monarch Scents” come from?

One of our main goals is for our bath products to help people just feel good about themelves – to pamper themselves like “royalty”. Mom was affectionately given the nickname “The Queen” by friends almost 20 years ago and it stuck – so with that inspiration…Monarch Scents was created.


We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them!